Sunday, January 17, 2010



My BFF Brenda and I had a blast yesterday at the Road to California Quilt Show!  We’ve been going every year for at least the past seven years, and we always have loads of fun.  We don’t know which we like best: shopping or viewing all the gorgeous quilts!  We are always in awe of the unbelievable talent and sometimes feel more than a little intimidated by such beautiful works of art.

Just click here to see pictures of some gorgeous quilts from the Road to California 2010 ... The Quilt Show has a special exhibit, and you will be amazed! 


Every year I spend way too much, but I can’t seem to help myself … I just can’t control my myself when I’m surrounded by so many beautiful fabrics!  But this year I was a good girl and kept to my “shopping list”.   I was a little disappointed that I could not find the nickel book by Pat Speth “Amazing Nickel Quilts” (it was sold out so I’ll have to order it online).  Instead, I bought this kit from Pincushion Boutique to make a quilt for my DGD#1.   The backing is a soft fuzzy fabric and the kit was a great deal.

I love making quilts for my grandchildren; and between their mother and me, I’m sure they have more quilts than they even need … but I do make each of them a new quilt every year and this keeps me busy!

So be sure to check out the quilts on display at The Quilt Show and I hope you are inspired!

Keep on piecing!

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