Sunday, February 7, 2010

Camp Sloanie Quilt Top Finished!


Well, okay, it’s not 100% finished, as I still want to add inner and outer borders, but I made this in less than 24 hours.  Of course, it did help that I already had a stack of pre-cut 2-inch yellow strips, a big time saver.  I used six 2-inch strips so the blocks measured 9 inches unfinished.  There are 6 blocks in each row; and there are 6 rows.  Once completed, this center panel should measure 50 square inches.

I have a confession to make:  In my previous post I said I had completed 36 blocks … must have been wishful thinking.  This morning when I laid out my blocks I discovered that I was 6 blocks SHORT!  Oh no!  So I quickly sewed up the additional blocks and laid out my design.  I decided to keep it simple and stick with the original pattern design.  I think I like it like that! 


I did take an afternoon break to meet up with my pals Vivian and Lorie at the movie theatre to see “It’s Complicated”.  This movie is hilarious … we were ROFL!  I highly recommend it.


Once back home, I sewed up my blocks and rows while I watched “The Sound of Music” ~ I love that movie! 

So another quilt-along comes to an end, and I can add this to my stack of tops to be quilted … after borders are added, of course!  Click on the button below to see pictures of other folks’ Camp Sloanie quilts.

2010 aurifil BOM for sl

Happy quilting!

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  1. Stunning!! I love how your quilt turned out. I didnt get the time to quilt along with Camp Sloanie but I am going to try this block for sure.