Thursday, July 8, 2010

It Finally Came … New Nickel Book!


My thrifty buy of the week … FREE book!  I just love those nickel quilts!  I’ve had Pat Speth’s two nickel quilt books for a few years now:  Nickel Quilts and More Nickel Quilts.  I was thrilled when I discovered she had a third nickel quilt book.  I finally ordered it online from, and the best part is that I got it for FREE!!  That’s right, it was free using my gift cards from SWAGBUCKS.  How awesome is that?!

DD turned me on to when I visited in April.  It’s so easy to win swagbucks, too!  Anytime you search the internet using their toolbar, you get swagbucks.  There are other ways to win; but I get most of my swagbucks by filling out surveys.  The swagbucks are then redeemable for prizes such as gift cards for or  I redeemed my swagbucks for $20 in Amazon gift cards to buy this book, plus Amazon offered free shipping! 

And I’ve already accumulated enough swagbucks for my next order!  This is better than a 40% off coupon.  For more info, Just click on the Swagbucks banner on my sidebar …

This was my thrifty buy of the week, so I’m linking up to Leigh’s Thrifty Thursday.  What thrifty treasures have you all found?

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