Friday, August 6, 2010

No Friday Finish This Week

DSC0153228 Log Cabin Units

It was definitely a busy week, and I didn’t get as much sewing done as I normally do.  I’m still working on the patriotic log cabin quilt that I started this past Sunday … and it’s turning out to be “a quilt of errors”!

I thought this’d be an easy quilt to piece … surely I’d have the top finished by today.  And I think that was my first error … thinking the log cabin block is very easy to sew, I didn’t pay too much attention. 

After completing my first block (below) and posting about my error here, I decided to go forward with more *wonky* units. 

DSC01527 First 16-unit block

I calculated that I needed 44 more log cabin units.  When I finished the last one, I was so happy.  I was looking forward to sewing the blocks together and then into rows.  I could see the light at the end of the tunnel … and then I made a second 16-unit block. 

DSC01533 Second 16-unit block

Hello! What happened?!  The first and second blocks don’t match … third error!  Not only did I sew the log cabin units wrong ~ again ~ but I also did not make enough!  My little pile of 28 remaining log cabin units didn’t seem large enough to make 10 more blocks!  What was I thinking?  Ummm …. 16 x 11 equals 176 units … not 44 … fourth error!

So this is not fun anymore, and I don’t wanna play!  But I will continue, except that I’m making only 9 blocks and that means I need to make 84 more units!  Groan!  It’ll probably take me until next Friday to finish this … unless I just get fed up with it and toss it aside first!  So who knows what I’ll be posting about for my next Friday Finish … until then, have a great weekend!


  1. aaah! the joys of quilting. Your quilt adventure sounds a lot like the ones I go on all the time!!! I don't measure right, count right...the list goes on. But we keep making quilts because it's so fun...right?? right. ;)

  2. Well I know how you feel. I'm doing a sampler quilt and it also has log cabin type blocks and I can't figure out why none of them measure the same..anywho they are all garbage blocks just sitting in a bin, can't do nothing with em' cuz they all measure slightly different...hmmm, maybe I'll blog about it. haha.