Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

I’ve decided to join Stephanie over at A Ditchin’ Time Quilts for her weekly Wednesday weigh-in.  My first weigh-in will be next week so I hope to lose at least one itty-bitty pound!

Have been thinking ~ again ~ of losing weight for sometime.  Every week I read how bad excess weight is and how it can lead to all kinds of horrible things, like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.  I know what I need to do … eat right and exercise regularly.  But knowing and doing are two different things. 

Since I got married almost 27 years ago, I have steadily gained over 90 lbs!  Gasp!  It’s the first time I’ve put that in writing.  Three pregnancies; a couple of traumatic events that caused depression, panic attacks and agoraphobia; and a sedentary work- and life-style all lead to my weight gain.  At some point, I gave up and for awhile accepted my being overweight.

Over the past few years, I tried several times to lose weight: joined Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and even Curves.  At one point I lost 20 lbs. and felt pretty good.  Then I lost interest, gained it all back plus more … and gave up again.  I had one excuse after another.  Then I told myself that “when I retired, I’d have more time to exercise and eat healthier” – no more eating-out with the office gang!  Well, I’ve been retired 1-1/2 years and still overweight.  But I know it’s not healthy and I do want to live for many more years. 

I went to the doctor’s two days ago and was put on blood pressure medication for the first time in my life.  I know my bad cholesterol levels are high and my sugar is high (pre-diabetic).  Not good at all!!  So I have to … I must … lose weight so I can enjoy a healthier and happier future.

Having said all that, today being my *first* day of eating healthy, I totally blew it!  I had my usual coffee with hazelnut Coffee-mate and Eggos.  Then, after a 3-hour visit at the DMV, DS#2 and I had a late lunch at Bob’s Big Boy, where I ordered a hamburger and fries with a chocolate shake … ouch!!  In my defense, I ate only 1/2 the burger and 1/2 the shake.  Dinner will be much healthier:  tilapia fish with vegetables and a small salad.

I do enjoy walking so that will be my exercise because it has always worked for me … so long as it includes an incline.  Lots of those where I live!  So now I’m off for a short walk around the neighborhood and hopefully I will lose that itty-bitty pound for next week!

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  1. Welcome to the WWI group and my sub-group THE ONE POUND CLUB. That is all I try for each week and I am currently at 9 pounds. You are so welcome to be part of both groups (mine is mostly made up of myself). And, with all the fun we have in the group I don't think you will lose interest. It is too much fun.