Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Watercolor Heart Wreath … Finished!


This little wall hanging was my first attempt at doing a watercolor project.  I started this project in September last year and posted about it here.  I finally finished it three months later; and although I’m fairly happy with it, I wish the background was a little darker to match the edges of the floral print.  It measures 25-inch square and I did medium stippling in the center.  This was a Christmas gift for a good friend.

I’d put off making this watercolor project because it was outside my comfort zone; but I’d seen some beautiful watercolor quilts and wanted to make one.  Lo and behold, it was not as hard as I thought, and it was actually fun to make.

My BFF Brenda and I made our watercolor heart projects together.  She enjoyed making them so much that she made a few for more for gifts.  I was the lucky recipient of one of her gifts:


It’s hanging in my sewing room, right next to the door.  I’m leaving it up all year round so I can think if my BFF Brenda every day!

Happy quilting!


  1. I like the looks of watercolor quilts too. ONe of these days I will succomb and make one....I need to find the perfect print...

  2. I am amazed to see Watercolor Heart Wreath. It really looks beautiful. I have never seen anything like it.