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Cronavirus, Please Go Away and Never Return

Well, another month has come and gone ... and we're still dealing with this COVID19 virus.  I'm no longer making face masks; and instead of quilting, I have been working on housekeeping projects. One of those projects has been listing my eBay inventory death-pile.  For once I was happy for that death-pile since  the  thrift stores are closed.  I can keep my eBay store well-stocked.  And, with folks at home and stores closed, online sales have been flying off the shelves.  Then, in April, when the virus was on a rampage and everything closed down, it became evident that DS#2 was not returning to his old employer.  He started applying for employment; and at one time, it seemed that he would be going to NYC.  But by the end of April, they started to get things under control and his assignment there fell through. Finally, in mid-May, he was hired by the state of California to work at a temporary facility set up for COVID19 patients.  Because of the natu