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I'm Back After a Four-Year Gap

I can't believe it's been four years since my last post! And yet it seems it was only yesterday. In 2015 my daughter and two teenage granddaughters came to live with me--and my quilting (and blogging) took a back seat.  In 2018 my DD and DGD#3 moved out-of-state, but DGD#2 stayed with me while she attended the local community college. Then, in late 2018, DGD#1 also came to stay with us.  I was thrilled to again have 2 of my 3 DGDs with me. But DGD#2 missed her mom and family; and when the semester ended in June, she moved to be with them. Although DGD#1 still lives here, she has moved to her own place.   As much as I miss them all very much, I find that I now have extra time on my hands for quilting and blogging. I also went from having no sewing/quilting room to having 2 vacant bedrooms.  I now had so much room that I didn't know what to do!  All my quilting stuff and stash had been put away for the past four years, and I was excited to finally have it al