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Weekly Finish...Or Not: International Sisters and Crescendo Runner UFOs

  After putting this top aside so I could make a Sisterhood quilt for my sister , I finally made enough blocks to finish it. I started making this quilt in June and originally planned to make a lap sized quilt with only 32 blocks and no border, just binding. Once I assembled the top, I decided I wanted to make it bigger so I cut out more blocks.  Well, they were then sidelined until my sister's quilt was finished. An additional 22 blocks later, and my top is finished.  I added the blocks without considering size and didn't realize how big it would be.  It's one of my bigger tops measuring at 88" x 102". Between my sister's quilt and mine, I have made 84 sister blocks.  As much as I love making these ladies - they are so easy and fun to make - I'm done for now.  The top is now added to my "to be quilted" pile. This next unfinished project is a table runner from a kit I purchased from The Guilty Quilter .  This was a Halloween theme kit that was on

Weekly Finish #29: Rhododendron Trail Mystery Quilt

Rhododendron Trail Finished Size: 85" x 99"   I thought it was time to finish my Rhododendron Trail mystery quilt now that the new one is around the corner. When the colors were revealed, I was not enchanted but I was determined to make the quilt.  I'm glad I did and now think it's beautiful. The entire quilt is made from scraps, some I've had for years.  I've learned so much from making Bonnie's quilts and have gained the confidence to take my quilting to the next level.  So many small pieces!   I quilted it with an E2E design named Flutterbys.  I've used this design before and it's one of my favorites.  The batting is Warm & Natural. I found this whimsical flamingo print and thought it was perfect for the backing.  I used this same print for the binding. Previous posts about my work in progress are  here . And a label completes the quilt! Rhododendron Trail is my fourth Bonnie Hunter quilt.  I started quilting in 1999 and 20 years later I fin

Weekly Finish #28: What Cancer Cannot Do

What Cancer Cannot Do Finished: 47" x 59" This is a quilt for a dear friend I've known for over 20 years.  A few years ago she was diagnosed with cancer, and it seemed the cancer was caught early.  After surgery, she thought she had a clean bill of health.  Unfortunately, a year later, the cancer metastasized to her lung.  Sadly, there is no cure, no surgery, and nothing can be done except weekly chemo to keep the cancer at bay for as long as possible. The good thing is the chemo is working and the tumor has not grown. My friend has a wonderful positive attitude and looks great.  She has not allowed this illness to take away her love of life.  She loves to visit friends and family and just get out to live life.  She is an inspiration.  Cancer cannot and will not conquer her spirit. I bought the "What Cancer Cannot Do" panel with a pattern last year when I saw a quilt on a blog.  The words perfectly describe my friend's attitude, and I knew I had to gift her

Weekly Finish #27: EMS Paramedic Quilt

EMS Paramedic Quilt Finished Size:  77" x 89" I've been thinking of making a quilt for DS#2 off and on for almost a year since he told me he was accepted into the UCLA Paramedic Program. He's been working as an EMT for the past few years and worked for the state and other health organizations during the 2020-21 Covid pandemic.  He loves his work and is thrilled to graduate in a few weeks. When I saw these fabrics with EMS-related prints, I knew I had to make a quilt for his graduation.  I had no pattern or plan in mind but bought a couple yards of each print.   Last month I realized that September was just around the corner, and it was time to start work on this!  I previously wrote about my progress and finished top in this   post . A few months ago I ordered the center EMS panel from Etsy. And I was pleasantly surprised to find they had added a gift:  the picture of the paramedics caring for a child.  I just had to include it in the quilt. My backings are usually pl

WIP Wednesday: RSC 2022 Finished Flimsies

  Last month's RSC color was orange; and after making the 6 Red Cross blocks, I had enough blocks (32) to assemble the center of the top. Setting triangles, a 1-1/2 inch inner border, and a 4-1/2 inch outer border complete the flimsy.  I think setting the blocks on-point adds a nice visual design.  Thank you to The Academic Quilter for the Red Cross block tutorial and quilt inspiration . I was also able to complete this top after making the 9 orange blocks.  This pattern is Catching Rainbows by Bonnie Hunter @ Quiltville. Bonnie made string blocks for her quilt, which I think looks great.  However, I wasn't eager to make these so I just used scrappy squares.  I love it! For now, they are in my pile of flimsies to be quilted.  I may or may not get to these 2 before the end of the year.  Hard to believe that the year is almost over and the holidays are just around the corner! I'm happy to join these linky parties.  Be sure to visit them to see what other quilters are sharin

Weekly Finish #26: A Very Coriander Christmas

A Very Coriander Christmas Finished Size:  72" x 92" I am so, so happy to get this quilt finally done.   I finished the top in October and thought I'd complete it by Christmas 2021.  Well, that certainly didn't happen.  So, here I am, almost a year later, and it is now ready for Christmas 2022! Yay! I quilted it with an E2E Baptist Fans design.  This is my second quilt using this design and I think I did a better job this time.  Practice, practice, and lots of patience pay off. The backing has a simple floral design with dark red and greenish-gray colors that complement the colors on the front. This was a block of the month project and I previously posted about it  here . The pattern book is still available.  And, although the original fabrics may be hard to find, the pattern would look lovely in a different colorway.  Here's one I may put on my project list for next year. I'm happy to join these linky parties.  Be sure to visit them to see what other quilters