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Design Wall Monday: Unity Quilt Round 4 and A Y2K Top

Once I finished sewing all the Y2K blocks, I went to work on my Unity quilt.  I posted about the Pinwheel Star blocks a couple weeks ago and they have now been added to the top.  I still have a few more rounds to go, including flying geese, more pinwheels, and more stars.  Seeing as we are already in December, I'm pretty sure I won't be finishing this top before the end of the year. The picture above shows my Y2K blocks in a 7x7 layout (unsewn), using 49 blocks on the front.  The 50th block will be on the back.  Since I received duplicate charms in the swap, my Y2K quilt is not a true charm quilt but it still has 2,000 pieces to make it a Y2K quilt.   With only 5 weeks left in the year, I hope I can finish quilting this top plus my Coriander Christmas and Handy Dandy Stashbuster tops. If you'd like to see more quilting goodness and see what others are up to, please visit the following which I'm linking up to:   Oh Scrap! @ Quilting Is More Fun than Housework Monday Ma

Weekly Finish #11: Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt

  It's been a while since I've posted a completed Weekly Finish, and I am very happy to post this finish -- my Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt which I started a year ago. I was rushing to get this quilt finished before Bonnie released the first clue of her new 2021 mystery quilt ... and today is that day.  Yea!  Finished just in time. The backing is a new sheet printed with green and gray leaves which I thought was perfect for this quilt.  I used a gray binding which I sewed on by machine.  I used Warm and Natural batting and quilted it with a simple scroll edge-to-edge pantograph.  The quilt measures 92" x 92". This is the last quilt that I will quilt with my Mega Quilt and Inspira frame.   I've had this set up in my formal dining area for a few years, and as happy as I am to have it gone and to start quilting on my new Moxie, I'm also going to miss it as it has served me well for the past 16 years. But I am happy that it is going to a good home.   My BFF friend a

WIP Wednesday: All Y2K Wedding Rings Blocks Are Finished!

  I buckled down this past weekend and finished the last of the 14 Wedding Rings blocks for a total of 50 blocks made with 2,000 charms. I'm still not sure about the setting/design, but I will be so glad to finish this quilt. I'm sure you are as bored as I am of seeing these over the past several weeks.  As I've done in previous posts, I'm summarizing the bio that came with each set of charms. From Beverly C-B. in Florida:  ...Our daughter...just had their first child Pauline Rose...This quilt is for husband and I have owned our own business selling fingernail art supplies. During this time I have also been making custom baby room sets...most of the quilts I have made in the past have been for custom order and have been appliqued with a specific theme.  I have been sewing and quilting since I was 12 years old when my grandmother taught me to make my own clothes. From Deedee R. in Minnesota: ...I am married to a dairy farmer...and have 3 children...I went to mee

WIP Wednesday: Y2K and Unity Pinwheel Star Blocks

I see light at the end of the tunnel!  36 blocks completed and only 14 more to go.  Let's see how many I can finish by next WIP Wednesday. The charms in the top 2 blocks came from Bonnie P. in Alabama: ...I have only been quilting about four years but I have been quilt crazy since I was a teenager...I have helped my mother cut about 30 quilt tops over the last few years.  I am presently making three Y2K quilts, one for each of my daughters.  A few of my goals are to make a beautiful Baltimore Album quilt, a Dear Jane quilt, and hand quilt a quilt I have completely designed myself... The charms in the bottom 2 blocks came from Marge B. in Wisconsin: One of my favorite childhood memories is sitting around the kitchen table learning how to crochet and embroider from my name it, I've done it...what I've enjoyed the most is my quilting.  My first quilt is a jewel tone geometric quilt which is still in my U.F.O. pile.  I will finish it some day.  Lately, I'

WIP Wednesday: Y2K Blocks #29-#32 and A New Quilting Machine

Four more blocks completed for my Y2K quilt.  I thought I'd be able to complete more than 4 blocks a week as they really don't take that long but before I know it another week has gone by.  I'm also working on my Unity quilt but I may put it aside so I can get finish my Y2K blocks.  The end of the year is just around the corner! The charms in the top 2 blocks are from Margaret M.S. in Wisconsin: ...I made my first quilt in the late 1960s and off and on as the need arose...I retired from work in the fall of 1996 and now devote all my free time to quilting.  I have a 22' x 24' sewing studio which is home to my longarm quilting machine...I was bitten very hard by the Y2K quilt bug and have swapped enough packets of charms to make 18 Y2K quilts [WOW!]... I completed six of these quilts for our six children...[and] have swapped enough...charms to make Y2K quilts for the grandchildren for Christmas 2000. The bottom 2 blocks are from Jodie T. in Michigan: ...I started quil