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WIP Work In Progress: A Very Coriander Christmas

Blocks 5 and 6 I haven't had much time for quilting and have fallen behind in my BOM for the Very Coriander Christmas quilt.  I've had 3 block kits sitting around and I'm pretty sure April's kit will be here soon.   So I made some time this past weekend to work on Blocks 5 and 6 (January-February) and finished them today.  The blocks are 18" square and are not very difficult, but they do have several pieces and HSTs so they can be time-consuming. Here are my completed six blocks so far.  I am so glad I decided to do this BOM sampler quilt.  I love each block and am excited to see the completed quilt. One block a month should be doable but sometimes other projects take priority, so i t'll probably be a few weeks before I can get to the rest of the blocks done.  Until next time ...  Be happy and keep on quilting! Follow my blog with Bloglovin