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COVID 19 Face Masks

A lot has happened since my last post in February.  I previously  posted  that  DS#1 left for Vietnam.  And, at the time, we were barely aware of a deadly virus hitting some Asian countries but we were  still naive about how this virus would wreak havoc on our lives. By the end of last month, the virus had become a pandemic and a national emergency.  We are now on lockdown and face masks are now mandatory for everyone.   N95 masks are very limited and are for use by health care workers who are directly in contact with COV ID19 patients.  So, t here is a huge need for face masks and folks are now making their own.   Social media has tons of information on making masks; and after some research, I found a pattern and YouTube video that showed how to make these fast and easy face masks.  These are my first two samples, and I think they came out pretty good.   DS#2 is an EMT but the company he worked for provided services to county fairs, concerts, convention centers, a