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WIP Wednesday: Frolic Mystery Quilt Plus Quilts For Kids

I spent the past weekend sewing all the sashings and rows on my Frolic Mystery Quilt top, and here it is!  I love it!  I'll do the inner border and then I'll take a break before I tackle the outer border. I am so glad I decided to join this time and regret not having joined in previous years.  Luckily, all the mystery quilts are available on Bonnie's Quiltville website  for purchase. I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since my last post  about the   Downy Touch of Comfort .   Quilts for Kids and their kits .  Back then, I had decided I was going to change my focus and return to Project Linus which I had been involved with since 2001. Apparently, I had a change of heart because last October, when I was organizing my quilting room, I stumbled upon 2 kits from Quilts for Kids.  They had been stored away and forgotten.  One of them even had a packing slip from 2013! And, when my DD left in 2018, she left behind all her quilt

Happy New Year! Celebrating Another 10 Years of Quilting

Happy New Year!  It’s hard to believe that 20 years have come and gone since we celebrated The Millennium!   I started quilting in 1999 so I am also celebrating 20 years of quilting.  And, I am looking forward to and am excited about a more productive decade!  Having said that, I decided my first quilt of the decade will be Bonnie Hunter's Frolic Mystery Quilt .  This is Bonnie's 15th online mystery and my first ever mystery. The introduction and first clues were posted last year in October/November, but I was busy with the quilts for my DGD#1 and her friend that I couldn't start until this month. I was behind by 6 clues but thought I might be able to catch up if I worked on it every day.  So once  I gathered my fabrics, both from my stash and fabric store, I got busy cutting.   Except for this one picture, I didn't take pictures of my progress to post on social media.  I was too busy cutting and playing catch up! I worked on this prett