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Weekly Finish #39-#40 and the End of a Decade

A year ago, just before Thanksgiving, my DGD#1 moved to California from Tennessee. I had not seen her in over three years so it was a joy to have her and DGD#2 (her sister) with us, especially since my youngest DGD#3 had moved out-of-state with her family.   But sadly, nothing lasts forever.  In June my middle DGD#2 moved out-of-state to be with her family, and now my oldest DGD#1 is moving back east, where she found a great job opportunity and living expenses are much more affordable.   She and her roommate/friend are driving there next month and will be getting their own place.  They are very excited to start their new adventure. Ombre HST Quilt Pattern - free online pattern from Sarah Goer Quilts Of course, I told them I would make each a quilt to take to their new home.  This was in October; and since they weren't leaving until mid-January, I thought I had plenty of time to finish both quilts before they left. This free pattern is  4-Patch Slice by I