Weekly Finish #11: Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt


It's been a while since I've posted a completed Weekly Finish, and I am very happy to post this finish -- my Grassy Creek Mystery Quilt which I started a year ago.

I was rushing to get this quilt finished before Bonnie released the first clue of her new 2021 mystery quilt ... and today is that day.  Yea!  Finished just in time.

The backing is a new sheet printed with green and gray leaves which I thought was perfect for this quilt.  I used a gray binding which I sewed on by machine.  I used Warm and Natural batting and quilted it with a simple scroll edge-to-edge pantograph.  The quilt measures 92" x 92".

This is the last quilt that I will quilt with my Mega Quilt and Inspira frame.  

I've had this set up in my formal dining area for a few years, and as happy as I am to have it gone and to start quilting on my new Moxie, I'm also going to miss it as it has served me well for the past 16 years. But I am happy that it is going to a good home.  

My BFF friend and quilting buddy recently moved into her new home, and she now has a large room for a quilting studio.  And, because she has some health issues, it is very difficult for her to sandwich her quilts on the floor.  So I am gifting this to her and will be taking it to her next week.  I can't wait to see her and get a tour of her new home.

If you'd like to see more quilting goodness and see what others are up to, please visit the following which I'm linking up to: 
Until next time ... 
Be happy and keep on quilting!


  1. So sweet of you to gift your old longarm! You'll love your new Moxie. Such a great longarm! Love your new quilt--so scrappy and pretty! Kudos to you for finishing it on time!


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