WIP Wednesday: All Y2K Wedding Rings Blocks Are Finished!


I buckled down this past weekend and finished the last of the 14 Wedding Rings blocks for a total of 50 blocks made with 2,000 charms. I'm still not sure about the setting/design, but I will be so glad to finish this quilt. I'm sure you are as bored as I am of seeing these over the past several weeks. 

As I've done in previous posts, I'm summarizing the bio that came with each set of charms.

From Beverly C-B. in Florida:  ...Our daughter...just had their first child Pauline Rose...This quilt is for her...my husband and I have owned our own business selling fingernail art supplies. During this time I have also been making custom baby room sets...most of the quilts I have made in the past have been for custom order and have been appliqued with a specific theme.  I have been sewing and quilting since I was 12 years old when my grandmother taught me to make my own clothes.

From Deedee R. in Minnesota: ...I am married to a dairy farmer...and have 3 children...I went to meet my family in the Philippines for the first time...I started quilting [6 years ago] when I was pregnant with Victoria.  My first full size quilt that I finished was a postage stamp quilt...I have completed at least 12 pieced quilts, 5 single whole cloth quilts, and have 10 finished tops and a million UFOs (don't we all)...The first quilt I piece this year [2001] will be my Y2K Millennium quilt...

From Milly M. in Guantanamo Bay Cuba/Florida: ...I have gotten to live in many places and learned to do so many different things...I met my current...husband, a Medical Service Corps Officer in the Navy...they had to...send us to Guantanamo Bay Cuba...was the best duty station...I learned to scuba dive and to quilt.  In two years I made 70 quilts...and did almost 300 dives.  Now I'm a Divemaster...We left Cuba with great sadness this summer but came back to our old house in [Florida].

From Patsy D. in Kentucky: ...I have been working in a dept. store for 22 years.  Looking forward to retirement...I started quilting many years ago but haven't done much for several years...Now that the children are grown I have gotten back into quilting.  I enjoy appliquing on quilts because they are a good take along project...I love to swap patterns, blocks, squares and FQ's...Crafting or quilting is my stress reliever after a hard day at work...

From Chris B. in Illinois and Sandy in Michigan [2 siggies]:  The MI siggie is for my sister Sandy who has MS and would love to participate but has sent me encouragement...I have been sewing...since I was able to hold and direct a needle...My mother's family has always done quilts, afghans, clothing, etc.  I settled on quilting...I had gotten away from it as I raised my children but finding the Y2K swap has pulled me back...My only other interest is genealogy research...

From Pam F. in California [I received two identical sets from Pam]:  ...We live in the country on 2-1/2 acres.  My husband works out of town and...I live with my three children and my grandson...I started sewing at the age of four when my grandmother taught me how to embroider and crochet.  From there I learned how to sew...I took sewing classes in both junior high and high school...and attended apparel design and sewing programs...in college.  Currently I own and operate my own sewing business...

So many varied lives and interesting stories yet the one thing that unifies us is the joy of quilting.  As I read these bios, I hope that everyone is doing well and still quilting.

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Until next time ... 
Be happy and keep on quilting!


  1. Wow, looks great! You've done a wonderful job of arranging the scraps just right! xx

    1. Thank you! It's such a scrappy design that I was able to sew it together without any plan.

  2. I am a new follower. Your Y2K blocks inspired me to sew up my piles of 2-1/2 " HST & squares. I have shared same to a few of my groups and they are also excited with this scrappy block. I did share it on my blog and included your site, where my inspiration came from.

    1. Thank you, Kat. I found this block searching the internet for Y2K quilts. A Google picture of a quilt with this block popped up but the pic did not include any info on the quilter. It's a pretty easy design so I was able to figure it out. Eventually I found the name of the block is Wedding Rings (plural). I think using the 2-1/2" size is much better than the 3" charms I had. I'm happy to inspire others as the original quilter inspired me. And glad that we can pass it forward. Happy quilting!

  3. Fun to go back and read the bios from everyone!!!

  4. Love that each person shared not only their charms but their story with you as well! Great projects you are making from them all. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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