Tutorial: Fold and Turn Coasters

These fold-and-turn coasters are SO easy and fun to make!  I first saw this pattern in 2002 at a guild meeting, and the instructions were handwritten.  There were no pictures … only hand drawings.  Well, we’ve come a long way in 8 years!

I made this set of 4 coasters to include with the potholders I made for Amy’s Potholder Pass #2.

These coasters were made with five 5-inch cotton squares and one 5-inch flannel square.  These can also be made in other sizes as long as the squares are equal in size.  Suggested square sizes range from 4-1/2” to 6” … your choice.  You may also use one 5-inch batting square, but I found batting was a tad too thick.  But, again, your choice.

(1) You will choose three different fabrics.  Two fabrics will be used for the top of the coaster and one will be used for the bottom (backing).  I chose the light blue for the bottom:
(2) Cut fabric to the desired square size.  I used 5” squares.
(3) Lay flannel (or batting) square on table:
(4) On top of the flannel square, place your bottom (backing) fabric square, RIGHT SIDE UP.  This will be the bottom of your coaster:

(5) Now take each of the four squares of your two top fabrics and fold in half.  Press.
(6) You will arrange the folded halves around the bottom (backing) square with the folds to the center.  Place the 1st folded square on top as follows:


(7) Place the 2nd folded square on top of the 1st, like this:
(8) Place the 3rd folded square on top of the previous, like this:
(9) Here’s where it gets a little tricky … just a little!  You will be tucking the end of the last (4th) folded half under the end of the 1st folded half, like this:

(10) Now place the end of the 1st fold half on top of the last (4th) folded half.  The folded squares should all be tucked in and all folds should be in the center.  Raw edges should be even. Your coaster should look like this:
(11) You may wish to use a couple of pins to hold it together.  Now sew a 1/4” seam around all raw edges, like so: 
(12) Once you’re finished sewing, trim the corners:

(13) Here’s the fun part!  Pulling from the center, turn the folded squares inside out.  The bottom (backing) fabric will be pulled from the inside to the outside:
(14) Once completely turned inside out, gently push out the corners with a pointer:

(15) All finished! 


Use your imagination for fabric combinations: florals, animals, geometrics, etc.  Make a set for each season or holiday.  These make great gifts! 



  1. I like your tutorial better than the one when I made mine!! I use charm squares too from leftover projects heehehe...
    Which reminds me, I need to be making a few more of these.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I learned this a while ago but wanted to make a set for a friend, looked at mine and completely forgot how I made them LOL. Great refresher!!

  3. Hi there! I posted one of your pictures and a link to this post in my latest blog post: http://creations-by-savannah.blogspot.com/2012/12/chirstmas-decor-table-runner-coasters.html

    Thanks for giving a detailed tutorial for these!

  4. Thank you! Thank you! I had the directions and could not figure them out. I viewed your tutorial and I have finished 12 in no time at all.

  5. If you layer the folded top pieces counter-clockwise, the fold is much easier to sew off of rather than on to!

  6. I dont understand --according to your tutorial the flannelpiece end up inside Isnt the whole idea for the flannel piece to be on the bottom?

    1. Hi Terri, the flannel piece goes inside because it is meant to be a "batting" or liner for the coaster to give it some stability rather than just 2 pieces of fabric. It doesn't need to go on the bottom since the bottom is already fabric, but you can certainly make the coasters entirely from flannel. I hope this answers your question.


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