Weekly Finish...Or Not: Foresta Fusion Simple Hearts and St. Patty's Picture Frame


Yea!  My Simple Hearts top using the Foresta Fusion fabric collection is now finished.

I used the free pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew and made the 6-inch hearts.

My intention was to create a quilt like the one I saw for this Heart Quilt Sew Along.

But it wasn't until after I made my 6-inch hearts that I realized the sew-along had its own set of instructions for the quilt and used 8-inch hearts.  And, as much as I love the top with the 6-inch hearts, I have my heart set (no pun intended😃) on the 8-inch blocks.  I'll be gifting the quilt with the 6-inch hearts to my DD and will make a second quilt with 8-inch hearts for myself.  And, yes, I did buy more Foresta Fusion fabric.  Yup, I sure did LOL!

I also finished this St. Patrick's quilt top which is made from squares and rectangles.  It's a very fast and easy pattern.

I was inspired by this quilt which I found online last year and sadly I didn't note who made it to give them credit.  The quilter said she had collected St. Patrick's fabrics for a few years and finally had enough to make this quilt.

Luckily, she provided the title of the book which I happened to have.  I love this book and have made a couple quilts from it and there are a few more I plan to make using recycled shirts.

I had some St. Patrick's fabrics in my stash and thought they'd be great for a wall hanging.  This quilt is bigger than expected and I had to purchase more.  It still wasn't enough and rather than buy more, I  just used what I had in my stash that I thought would complement.  My quilt looks scrappier than the inspiration quilt because I didn't have enough low-volume pieces.  But it's finished and I'm happy with it.  Now to get it quilted before March 17👍.

If you'd like to see more quilting goodness and see what others are up to, please visit the following which I'm linking up to: 
Until next time ... 
Be happy and keep on quilting!


  1. Love, love, LOVE your St. Patrick's Day quilt and feel your pain concerning the Heart QAL!! I recently did something along those same lines for a quilt challenge with a specific size limitation. :o((

  2. Those are two awesome quilts! And bet your DD changed your directions to make sure she got a quilt out of the hearts ( haha - just kidding) But an 8 inch one will be cool too!!
    I am really drawn to your st paticks day one!! that is just cool!

  3. 6 or 8 inches, that Simple Hearts top is a stunner! And since I'm Irish, I am head over heels for your St. Patrick's quilt. That book must be a real winner. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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