Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Thrifty Quilty Finds

  DSC01011I love to read … and I have a ton of books and magazines!  When I’m finished reading, I usually donate them to our library’s used-book store.  Of course, whenever I make a donation, I head on over to the bookstore and buy more books!

I think I scored pretty good this past Saturday!  I found some great quilting and sewing books, like the newer “Strip Crazy” book above for $2.50 (SRP $19.00) and this 2002 Leisure Arts book for $3.00 (SRP $24.95):


Also picked up this April/May 09 Quilter’s Home  magazine (below) for a quarter.  This is the first time I’ve read this magazine, and it has some great articles.  BTW, my car license plate says QLTPCR!


How about some vintage crafting?  I picked up the cross-stitch pamphlet (above) from 1990 with the Ninja Turtles.  My DS#1 who is 23 used to LOVE the Turtles.  Aren’t they making a comeback?

And, here is my favorite find … this 1958 booklet “How to Make Sock Toys” , also for a quarter!


I know the Sock Monkey made a recent comeback.  Not sure if it’s still a popular toy but look at the elephant sock toy … too cute!

DSC01013 DSC01014 

Most libraries have a “Friends of the Library” organization that helps provide financial support by selling donated books either through a bookstore or monthly sales.  If you’ve overlooked this great resource for quilting books and instructions, be sure to check with your local library.  You may find some great buys that won’t break the bank!

I always look forward to my JoAnn’s flyer … and the recent flyer had some GREAT coupons!  It had several 40%-off coupons and a 50%-off on any regular item; and they were good until yesterday.

Several bloggers have made some beautiful quilts from the book Scrap-Basket Surprises and highly recommend it.  I used my 50% off coupon to get my copy … yippee!


Also bought some KONA fabric using my 40% off coupons … score!  And I bought bobbins for my Viking Mega Quilter … two packs of 5 … for only $0.97 each … no coupon necessary!


I’ve been working with only 3 bobbins and they run out pretty quickly.  Now when I’m quilting I don’t have to take time out to refill a bobbin.  I’m a happy thrifty quilter!



  1. You did totally awesome! I love my library too. I think people forget to go there.

  2. LOVE that sock elephant! He is just so cute. I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled for this.